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Landslides and landslides hazards

Guidelines for the prevention of the dangers of landings and landslides

Landslides or landslides occur as a result of soil disintegration and collapse, and there are factors that lead to this, including natural ones such as earthquakes and volcanoes and the saturation of the earth’s layer with water as a result of rain and torrents, and industrial ones such as excavation, bombing, and mining works.

  • Flow (slide of rock masses) due to the presence of a layer of mud between the rock layers, and vertical subsidence (hole) due to an earthquake or saturation of the ground with water, or changes in groundwater.
  • Prepare and make the necessary preparations for the risks of landings and landslides.
  • Take care when heavy rain ​falls and not approach low places where water accumulations resulting from rain abound, due to the possibility of landslides.
  • Take care when hiking or walking in wild areas, lest a landslide occurs and thus fall into landslides, holes in the ground, or old wells.
  • Choosing safe areas when hiking after exploring them and making sure that they are free of any dangers.
  • Remain calm when witnessing a land landing, and keep away from the site at a safe distance, due to the possibility of the expansion of the landing area, and do not try to approach the site to explore it.
  • Inform the concerned authorities when observing the landslide, and work to put some warning signs, if possible, to warn road pedestrians.
  • In the event of someone falling into this descent, the civil defense must seek help and not attempt to help or be in danger.
  • View the instructions and instructions of the Civil Defense and the latest developments through the official media and the website of the General Directorate of Civil Defense (www.998.gov.sa) and on their accounts on social media.