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Rock Falls and collapses hazards

Guidelines for the prevention of the risks of falling and collapsing rocks

Rock Fall is considered a threat to human life because of the damage it causes to lives and property. Rocks fall due to some different ground movements or rainfall and torrential flow, especially from mountainous and elevated areas, or due to climbing on unstable rocky areas.

  • Prepare and make the necessary equipment for the risks of falling and collapsing rocks.
  • Follow the instructions and instructions of the Civil Defense, not to use dangerous roads that are prone to rock-fall or collapse, and to use safe methods that are directed to them by the concerned authorities.
  • Take precautionary measures when passing from locations close to mountains or mountain roads (obstacles) as much as possible due to the possibility of rocks falling from them or collapsing.
  • Be calm when witnessing a collapse or the fall of rocks, and stay away from the site at a safe distance, due to the possibility of widening the area of the collapse, and not trying to approach the site to explore it.
  • Inform the concerned authorities when rocks fall, and work to put some warning signs, if possible, to alert road users.
  • When it is noticed that someone is detained as a result of a rockfall, he must seek help from the Civil Defense and try to help by the available methods away from direct exposure to danger.