We are with you 911 Or 998

Unified Security Operations Center Responded to an Accident Report

The spokesperson of Civil Defense, Lt. Col. Muhammad Al-Hammadi, announced that the Unified Security Operations Center (911) promptly responded to a report of a vehicle falling from a mountain slope west of Riyadh yesterday, Saturday 10/3/1443 AH, 10/16/2021 AD. The vehicle included 9 people 5 of them who were injured were rescued and transferred by security aviation to the hospital to receive the necessary medical care, while 4 deaths were recovered by the Civil Defense teams ​The Civil Defense spokesperson called on citizens, residents, and visitors to remain vigilant while hiking in the mountainous heights and the slopes, and to call (911) in the regions of Makkah and Riyadh and (998) in all regions of the Kingdom for help in case of emergency, wishing everyone safety