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A word from the Director General of Civil Defense

Safety in our daily lives requires active participation from all segments of society. It is the first pillar to build a way of life characterized by security and safety through preventive awareness measures that lead to a safe society free of risks. The General Directorate of Civil Defense implements all of its capabilities, workforce, equipment, and knowledge to protect lives and properties from all sorts of dangers. The General Directorate of Civil Defense also promotes safety and awareness by conducting activities, events, and various media means to achieve security and safety for the public and the prosperity of our homeland.

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Definition of civil defense

Civil Defense in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as defined by the system Civil Defense issued by Royal Decree No. M/10 dated 10/5 1406 Corresponding to 01/20/1986 AD is: A set of procedures and actions Necessary to protect the population and public and private property from dangers Fire, disasters, wars, various accidents and relief for the afflicted Ensuring the safety of transportation, communications and the workflow of facilities and the protection of national sources of wealth in times of peace and war and emergency.

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Vision, Mission and Values


Excellence in performance to protect life and property regionally and globally.


Work professionally to achieve the safety and protection of lives and property from Risks in peacetime, disasters, wars and reduction Losses and spreading a culture of preventive awareness with qualified cadres and equipment Keeping pace, partnership and fruitful cooperation.


God-fearing - courage - humanity - cooperation - sincerity - honesty

Directors of civil defense Orgnaization structure

Civil Defense System and Regulations

Civil Defense directors

  • Mr. Ali Ibrahim Tolba
  • Retired first team / Fayez Muhammad Al-Awfi

    He was born in the year 1349 AH. He rose through the ranks of the military until he obtained a Rank of first lieutenant general, appointed as head of the capital fire brigade in 1368 AH 1369 AH, then appointed head of the fire brigade in 1370 AH until 1387 AH appointed Director General of Civil Defense from 1389 AH until 1395 AH.

  • Retired Major General / Abdul Ghani Hassan Ali Jawa

    He was born in 1354 AH - rose through the military ranks until he obtained a Rank of Major General, appointed Assistant to the Director General of Public Security for Defense Affairs Al-Madani in 1395 AH - 1396 AH.

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Civil Defense martyrs