We are with you 911 Or 998

​The concept of civil defense

     Safety in our daily lives requires active participation from all segments of society.  It is the first pillar to build a way of life characterized by security and safety through preventive awareness measures that lead to a safe society free of risks.  The General Directorate of Civil Defense implements all of its capabilities, workforce, equipment, and knowledge to protect lives and properties from all sorts of dangers.  The General Directorate of Civil Defense also promotes safety and awareness by conducting activities, events, and various media means to achieve security and safety for the public and the prosperity of our homeland.

 The General Directorate of Civil Defense has received unlimited support from the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and HRH the Crown Prince.  Furthermore, the General Directorate of Civil Defense has the care, follow-up, and direct supervision of HRH, the Minister of Interior, to enable it to perform the tasks and responsibilities in the face of risks and accidents.  Due to that, it acquired highly qualified manpower, advanced vehicles, and equipment to tackle any danger that may occur – may Allah forbid. The General Directorate of Civil Defense contributes to the support of friendly countries through the Saudi Search and Rescue Team, which is internationally classified and specialized in responding to disasters and major accidents.  The General Directorate of Civil Defense is always ready to respond to emergencies, work with all state bodies, and coordinate constantly to achieve the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030, to help achieve a better quality of life for the public and create a safe environment for investments, in cooperation with all relevant authorities.

 We proudly remember the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to save others and properties, asking Allah Almighty to bless them with His mercy.  The General Directorate of Civil Defense extends its communications with all segments of society through digital channels, applications, and social media to receive ideas and insights that may contribute to elevating our services and enhancing our capabilities to perform our tasks to the fullest.​