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Wind and hurricane risks

Guidance instructions for the prevention of the dangers of wind and hurricanes

Winds, hurricanes, waves of dust, and raised dust pose a threat to human life, and winds, hurricanes, and dust waves become active when climatic changes occur in the Kingdom's atmosphere. Therefore, the necessary precautions should be followed to protect yourself from these risks, which are:

  • Prepare and make the necessary equipment for wind and hurricane risks.
  • Follow up on news, various media, and weather bulletins when alerts or warnings are received about the possibility of the atmosphere being affected by winds or hurricanes.
  • Close doors and windows tightly to prevent dirt and dust from entering.
  • View the instructions and instructions of the Civil Defense and the latest developments through the official media and the website of the General Directorate of Civil Defense (www.998.gov.sa) and on their accounts on social media.
  • Keep Calm.
  • Listen to the warnings and instructions issued by the official authorities through the various media.
  • Stay at home and only go out in emergencies.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of food and water.
  • Ensure that doors and windows are closed tightly.
  • Wear a medical mask or place a tissue, cloth, or gauze moistened with water on the nose and mouth when you have to go out of the house.
  • When you are outside the house, you must resort to the nearest safe place until the wind calms down and the weather condition ends.
  • While driving the vehicle, the windows should be closed and the vehicle's warning signals should be turned on, leaving sufficient distances from other vehicles.
  • Follow the news, various media, and weather bulletins to know the end of winds and hurricanes and the calmness of the atmosphere.
  • Avoid touching or moving fallen objects and dangling electrical wires.
  • The importance of cleaning the house well from the effects of dust after the wind and the accompanying dust and raised dust, especially bedrooms, covers, and mattresses.
  • Ensure the safety of electrical wiring and that there is no gas leakage before use.
  • When seeing any danger, inform the concerned authorities.