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- Introduction:

First:  The concepts of awareness:

i. Introduction
The General Directorate of the Civil Defense has taken on its own responsibility the issues of security and safety that occupy in fact a prominent place on the level of automatic interest of human beings, for he is considered a civilian that loves to live within the group, but rather on the level of the states, local and regional and international institutes. So it has became a necessary to develop awareness programs to make its members foresight the precaution means and how to use it. It is revealed that all the organs of the society started to take vying with other communities to increase its awareness and safety within the means that restore some confidence in the possibility of its control over the causes of the dangers in the context of growth and the significance development of economy, industrial, and agricultural.

ii. Awareness
The concept of awareness interferes with that of awareness, in a coherent integrated way. But nevertheless, we can say that awareness leads to awareness, and that the cautious person is more able to make the ((dose)) less aware - more than conscious choice. And in all the circumstances, they may be considered as two the sides of one coin, where each one is invaluable and does not exist in the absence of the other one.
It is also meant by awareness the direct realization. And therefore awareness is the basis of all knowledge.
It is clear from this definition the presence of the three procedural elements that consist this concept, they are:
1) The direct recognizing of the man to all what surrounds him.
2) Realization of the self.
3) Integration of man with others.

iii. Awareness
It can be said that awareness is defined as the process which refers to the giving of the individual aware about certain matters, and make him foresight the various aspects surrounding it.
It is in this sense that awareness aims at its center of attention to the direction and guidance to provide the transmission of knowledge and gain experience.
It can be said that awareness indicates to the influence extent on human, group, or community to accept the idea or a certain theme. Overall, awareness of something means the following:
1) Know what the circumstances of this thing.
2) Understanding the nature of its movement, is it useful or harmful, positive or negative.?
3) To reach the best realistic way possible to deal with this thing, and to control it.

iv. Preventive education
Preventive education means the vaccination of the citizen against any potential risks, in the sense that we are trying through preventive education to build walls to protect the citizens from the risks before they occur. And it is also meant from the procedural view of what could happen, and to work on to secure the territory where the individual lives in a way that allows him to adjust with all that is called security, and therefore to be far away from everything that is a real risk. Theoretically, the preventive education is to create awareness against risks, and make to individuals and groups acquire it, to get them to accept the idea of certain conviction or any opinion given, and then to take certain conduct in order to achieve the intended results.
From a procedural standpoint, it could be said that education intends to immunize the members of the community through the multi-media to reduce their exposure to accidents.

Second: The Goals of the Preventive Education:
1) Identify the potential threats that affect the safety of the citizen and the resident according to the statistics, in order to deliver the awareness of the various segments of society.
2) Raise the level of commitment to provide the safety means in order to reduce the high accident rates by finding the reasons and dealing with them.
3) Preparing and drafting of the scientific and awareness articles in the right appropriate way of the various groups of the community, and then place in them in the appropriate media formats.
4) Translating the awareness materials that are going to be printed into several languages.
5) Assess the implemented awareness programs to find out the positives and the negatives.
6) Coordination with the departments of the areas and interior concerned departments to prepare and implement the plans and the policies of the awareness programs.
7) Make studies of the target audience by the appropriate means of communication for different awareness messages.
8) Supervision of the civil defense awareness events such as the National Day and others.
9) Cooperation with government and civilian agencies to implement the plans for awareness in the Directorate.

Third: The target audience to the awareness programs:

- Introduction:
Security is a request and safety is a goal. The General Directorate of the Civil Defense seeks to achieve and publish it between the citizens and the residents through its own efforts in the area awareness represented in the General Administration of relations and information, through a number of awareness programs that aim towards providing the means for security and safety for all the segments of the society, and to avoid risks in all its forms and types by the support of the governors who is keen to raise the level of the services of the civil defense to reach every inch of this dear homeland.
The publications that are below contain a set of safety guidelines and instructions that should be followed to avoid the dangers that surround man at his home or office or school or any other place where he present in, through the direction of the awareness messages to the various community groups such as the school students or housewives or the employee at his office or factory, etc. is in the form of specific programs:
1) Public awareness programs directed to all the members of the society.
2) Special awareness programs addressed to particular groups of the members of the community, including:
3) Programs directed for the school students.
4) Programs directed for pilgrims.
5) Programs targeted for people with special needs.

Fourth: The awareness materials:

1) Booklets
2) Brochures
3) Movies
4) Posters