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 The World Day of the Civil Defense, "civil defense and preventive media" for the year 2009


 The slogan of the World Day of the Civil Defense (Download)


- Civil defense and preventive media:
Time passes and the days and years are gone with the increase of the tremendous information revolution that has made this huge world a small village. And this revolution in the information and communication fields has made the distances and the time shorter. Therefore, the individual, the society, and the governmental and private facilities to be on a great awareness. This informatics progress is at the service of the whole society, and since the Civil Defense is one of these organs of this society, he was so sure to benefit from this technology. and these means are used by media to means to educate the community so it will be at a high degree of preventive awareness. This will not happen only through a sound and thoughtful program, and there must be media communication channels so it can attract all the segments of the society in order to deliver the messages through these channels. This expansion in media is an opportunity for the system of the Civil Defense to use it in communicating and contacting with all the members of the society. This is what has made the International Organization of the Civil Protection make this symbol for the International Day of the Civil Defense for the year 2009.

• Escort awareness terms about the civil defense and preventive Information:
1) Information has an important and effective role in the development of preventive awareness.
2) A well continuous relationship must be built with the media.
3) Information is found to develop awareness among the society.
4) Newsletter is an important tool to influence people.
5) Information raises the efficiency of communication dealing for the officials of the Civil Defense with all the segments of the society.
6) Media awareness programs rely on suspense stimulation to attract the attention of the public.
7) Media and Civil Defense and two sides of the same coin.
8) Follow-up to the media in disaster, God forbid, help you avoid lots of danger if Allah wills.


• The World Day of the Civil Defense, "civil defense and safety procedures. "Warning" for the year 2008.



• The slogan of the World Day of the Civil Defense (download).

• Fire detectors.

The principle that everybody seeks towards achieving it, is one of the instincts basics of people, and it is the instinct of the presence and struggle to keep away from all that threatens life lives and property, where there can be no effective and happy life in the absence of the safety element. For this, safety is to be secured in your home, work, park, and means of transporting. But to achieve all this, you must have the minimum level of awareness of the means of preventive security and safety.
The Islamic Religion in its both sources the Quran and its precept has been mentioned in the several texts that urge on the principle of safety, such as:
[do not lead yourself by yourself to the doom] the Almighty said.
From here it has been made the choice of the theme for the World Day of the Civil Defense in the year 2008 by the International Organization of the Civil Protection under the name of (the Civil Defense and the safety procedures) "warning" to be inclusive to all of the acts of the Civil Defense that are given to it. This requests to take advantage of this opportunity to fix the incidents by focusing on the most important safety which is “warning”, so it will be imprinted in the minds of everyone that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By this, the community will be having preventive awareness to reduce the recurrence of the incidents if Allah wills.

• International Organization and the World Day briefly.

• International Organization of the Civil Protection in briefly.
1) In the year 1931, the French doctor Georges St. Paul established a society in Paris with the name (Leeward Geneva), which is now known as the International Organization of the Civil Protection.
2) In January of the year 1958, the International Society of Geneva - (Geneva ports) - with a special character has changed into an International Organization of Civil Protection. Therefore, it has processed a new system for the Organization which allows the organizations and governmental and civilian societies to join it.
3) With the beginning of the year 1960, the International Organization of the Civil Protection has amended - radically - its point of view to what is beyond the goals of protecting the population in the face of the war, to strengthen its facing of the problem of the natural and technical in times of peace disasters.
4) In the year 1966, in Monaco, and due to the assembles of the Second Conference of the Civil Protection concerning protecting from radiations, the representatives of the Member States of the International Organization of the Civil Protection met at the level of the Constituent Assembly and approved the current text of the Basic Law, which gave the organization to set non-governmental organizations. And this law is in fact an international agreement that linked the signatory parties, and which will become a member of the organization once the ratification documents are placed.
5) The preamble of the Basic Law defines the objectives of the organization, and present its idea such as the following:
Promote and coordinate a global scale, the development, and improvement of the work of the organization, methods, and techniques that allow the realization and reduction of the results of the natural disasters in times of peace or in the use of weapons in the time of conflict).
6) On the first of March of the year 1972, the Constitution of the Organization entered into the implementation stage and become valid at the time of the General Assembly of the Member States, and according to the text of the statute.
In the year 1975, the International Organization for the Civil Protection registered in the United Nations Secretariat in New York in accordance with Article 102 of the Charter, and it has been published in the United Nations treaty.
7) On March 10 of the year 1976, an agreement was signed between the Swiss Federal Council and the International Organization of the Civil Protection that defines the legal status of the organization in Switzerland.
8) In the year 1977, the International Organization of Civil Protection was involved in the preparation of the additional supplements of the Geneva Conventions by participating in the meetings of the experts that reached the final wording of these supplements.
9) On 26/5/1381, there was issued the Royal No. 5/12/8/1218 on the joining of the Saudi Arabia Kingdom to the organization, which is considered the most important global organization working in the area of civil defense. The relationship Saudi Arabia with the organization is considered to be perfect, where the delegations of the General Directorate of the Civil Defense participate regularly in the meetings of the Organization, as well as the training courses that are set in the regional training centers or with the cooperation with the Swiss Civil Defense. The Kingdom also contributed in supporting the organization by providing financial loans.

• The International Day of Civil Defense in brief:
- First: the resolution of adopting this day:
On December 18 of the year 1990, the ninth General Assembly of the International Organization of the Civil Protection has decided at the International Conference Center in Geneva, the decision of making the first of March of every year specialized for the celebration of the International Day of the Civil Protection (Civil Defense).
- Second, why this day?
This day is the memorial anniversary to the start of the basic law of the organization by describing it as an international organization. This is in the first of March of the year 1972.
- Third: The objectives of the day:
This day aims to:
1) Recall the importance of the issue of facing disasters in all its types.
2) To recall the essential role played by the agencies and departments of civil protection (Civil Defense) in the world.
3) Notice the agencies of the civil protection in the various countries of the world to the importance of engaging and solidarity in the performance of its mission.
4) To benefit from the different media systems to transfer the directives and instructions of safety and protection to all the citizens.
5) To remind all the States with its duties to the active support to the functions and duties of the organization, which includes the publishing, encouraging, and the developing of the Civil Protection at the global level to the risks of various kinds.
6) Assembling the debates and lectures that define the duties and tasks of civil protection (Civil Defense).
7) The distribution of the flyers and posters to increase awareness of citizens and residents in coordination with the institutions, companies, schools and universities.

• The Logos of the International Day of Civil Defense since its adoption by the International Organization for the Civil Protection:
1) First of March 1991: the Civil Defense and the International Organization of the Civil Protection.
2) First of March 1992: the role of the civil defense services in the prevention of disasters.
3) First of March 1993: Civil Defense is in the service of the environment.
4) First of March 1994: the Civil Defense and security at home.
5) First of March 1996: risk analysis for avoiding disasters is an essential role for civil defense.
6) March 1997: the role of civil defense services in the International Humanitarian Law.
7) First of March 1998: civil defense is a right and duty of all.
8) First of March 1999: the civil defense must become part of the school programs.
9) First of March 2000: Civil defense is a tool for the development of tasks.
10) First of March 2001: Voluntary Service and Civil Defense.
11) First of March 2002: The basic elements of the civil defense.
12) First of March 2003: civil defense is a solidarity tool in the face of disasters.
13) First of March 2004: Civil Defense and the safety of the road.
14) First of March 2005: civil defense and protection of the environment
15) First of March 2006: Civil Defense and the school.
16) First of March 2007: Civil Defense and safety in the workplace.
17) First of March 2008: Civil Defense and safety measures "warning".

• The World Day Events:

• Activities to celebrate the International Day of the Civil Defense:
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by the General Directorate of Civil Defense with the Member States of the International Organization of Civil Protection celebrates the International Day of the Civil Defense on the first of the month of March of each year. And due to the interest of the Civil Defense to demonstrate this occasion properly through what could be provided by the participation of public and private sectors to establish the concept awareness for the public, and the commitment to safety and the prevention requirements of threats. Paragraph (VII) stated of the recommendations of the Third Arab Conference of the Heads of the Civil Defense and the Civil Protection which was approved by the Council of Arab Interior Ministers in 1990 / 1991, that each country has left the choice on how to celebrate this in the terms of postponing or making it earlier if it is conflicted with the religious or national event. And Thanks to Allah the International Day of the Civil Defense is being celebrated in all the regions of the Kingdom which includes many different events and activities.

• The Mechanism of celebrating the International Day of the Civil Defense:
Coordinating with the government agencies and the private sector that have relation to participating in activating the celebration of this occasion such as follows:
1) Coordinating with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, advocacy and counseling and its subsidiaries in the areas and provinces to urge the mosque preachers to educate people in their speeches on the risks they may face in their daily lives, and for the need to adhere to the principles and requirements of the public safety as a legitimate perspective.
2) Coordinating with the secretariats of the cities and the municipalities in the regions and provinces to contribute to the process of awareness and guidance through the use of the illuminated paintings in the streets by spreading the statements of awareness. If a good proportion of those paintings have been allocated to broadcast these statements in the collaboration with the companies that supervise it.
3) Coordinating with the Ministry of Education represented in the education of boys and girls in the many areas to allocate lots of activities in schools to raise awareness of safety matters such as specializing five to ten minutes to give some advice and guidance on the terms of male and female students, and urging them to submit expressions and contributions through the paintings in the area of safety. As well as activating the Committee of the Friends of the Civil Defense in school to carry out awareness during celebration intensively. And to benefit from the radio in the school for guidance and clarification of the functions of the civil defense for them.
4) Setting programs to visit the schools and institutes of the civil defense centers for the distribution of the concepts of safety and awareness of the dangers and ways to avoid it.
5) Organizing awareness fleets that move in the areas of cities and governorates of the Kingdom with the participation of the public and private sector.
6) Participating in the government events that are encountered to be in the celebration of the International Day of the Civil Defense in order to distribute the principles and the safety requirements.
7) Coordinating with the Electrical Company, the Saudi Telecom Company, and the water company for the distribution of the awareness and guiding statements on the monthly consumption bills.
8) Coordinating with the General Presidency for the Youth Welfare and its subsidiaries in the areas to take advantage of the electronic paintings in the playgrounds for the broadcasting of the awareness statements as well as in the youth hostels.
9) Printing the flyers, booklets, awareness printings on the dangers and how to prevent them that the public might potentially meet in their daily lives and to distribute them.
10) Awareness through the media (television, press, radio) through assembling the meetings and seminars with employees of the agency, and the deployment of the articles and press investigations, as well as broadcasting several radio interviews with the officials in the various regions.
11) A concert sponsored by the princes of the regions and governorates and the Governors of in the various departments of the areas to highlight the importance of celebrating in this occasion, and the importance of restricting people to the requirements safety and the fixing of its concept in their minds and reminding them about it.
12) Making exhibits, which include equipment and instruments of the civil defense to show what the occupancy of the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and His Royal Highness do of efforts to achieve security and safety to the people of this precious country, and distributing the awareness flyers as well as setting the cultural competitions and distributing the prizes.
13) Documentation of all the activities and events that accompanied the World Day on television and by photographs for referring to them when needed.
14) A number of officers of the civil defense made lectures on the concept of civil defense and the World Day in a number of educational facilities, which represent stages of public education and higher education.
15) A number of seminars with the participation of the professors from universities focused on the topic of the World Day of the Civil Defense.
16) Providing the public sites and squares with metal and cloth plates which included awareness-defining phrases of the International Day of the Civil Defense.
17) Making a march of the mechanism of the civil defense and its technical equipment in large cities.
18) Honor the civil and public institutions that are participating in the celebration of World Day by providing certificates and shields that note their interaction with this event.

Awareness phrases about the International Day of the Civil Defense.

• Civil Defense and safety measures" "warning" for the year 2008:
1) Installation of early warning alarm for the fire which will protect if Allah wills from the risk of having painful accidents.
2) Periodic maintenance of the alarms protects you from disaster if Allah wills.
3) The proper use of the electrical elevators will avoid disruptions and ensure your safety, taking into account that you do not have to allow the children to use them.
4) Availability of safety measures in swimming places is a necessity.
5) If the safety instructions in hotels were implemented and did act in the event of a fire you will get out safely if Allah wills.
6) Provide the necessary conditions to create a healthy and viable environment work that accomplishes prevention from risks.
7) Always remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
8) Pay attention to the warning tones when the rainfall and floods.
9) Alarm system is of a cheap price, but significant during catastrophes.
10) Always check the alarm system for your safety.
11) Gas inhalation of carbon monoxide lead to death during (3 to 5) minutes.
12) The use of smoke detectors ensures your safety.
13) (Safety First) is a small sentence with a deep meaning. So make it a part of your life.
14) The appropriate fire extinguisher is very necessary, so always make sure it is present in your house, car, and office.
15) Putting off the car engine inside the gas station is essential for your safety and the safety of others.
16) Make your child always under observation, and do not give him the opportunity to tamper with gas stoves and electrical extensions.
17) Ensure the safety of the connections of the gas tubes with the need to close the gas cylinder when it is not needed.
18) You alone without others can, if Allah wills, prevent accidents from happening due to your realization and cautious and following of the safety conditions.
19) Swimming in the valleys and swamps as well as passing in the streams and the places where the water gathers is a danger that threatens your safety.
20) The evacuation is one of the priorities when accidents occur.
21) Crowding is one of the factors that cause accidents to develop as well as impeding the Civil Defense officers during the performance of their mission.
22) Follow the instructions of the Civil Defense, and be aware of the falling rocks during heavy rains.
23) Your commitment for not to tamper with hazardous materials avoid you if Allah wills God of the risk of falling.
24) The first-aid bag is of the basic necessities in your house, work, and your car.
25) Be aware of setting a fire inside the camps in order to heat and cook, and assign a safe place to do so.